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Magnesium 'A Powerhouse' Mineral

This mineral plays vital roles in your body's biochemical reactions. With 300+ activities, I was shocked the research expressed how so many people are deficient in this powerhouse mineral. Your brain, sleep & metabolism depend on it, so where is the disconnect?

Our top soil which grows the foods we eat have been extremely depleted of all kinds of minerals. Along with the typical American diet consisting of highly processed materials and sugar, it's no wonder why chronic disease and obesity plagues our culture.

Do you feel fatigued often? Stressed? Lack deep quality sleep? Magnesium helps to regulate mood & cognitive functions. It helps to calm the nervous system by lowering cortisol levels which contribute to 'fight or flight' response.

Many people can have a hard time losing weight due to magnesium deficiency. If our food is not used as energy properly it then turns into stored fat. Transitioning your diet to more plant based and grass fed meats will be beneficial due to the higher mineral quantities.

A couple ways I like to supplement magnesium into my lifestyle is FIRST through food, Food is life & there are no shortcuts to getting the nutrition your body needs. I also have been using Garden of Life's magnesium powder supplement, which I take before bed when I feel the need. Another great way to absorb this crucial mineral is through epsom salt baths and HELLO, whom wouldn't want to treat themselves to a relaxing bubble bath!!


Dark Leafy Greens & Vegetables




Black Beans


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