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Oral Hygiene through Tongue Scraping & Oil Pulling

One of the first contacts our bodies have to the external environments is through the mouth. We are familiar with the notion that brushing and flossing our teeth will lead to a healthy smile, but could we benefit even more through tongue scraping and oil pulling? I say YES!

Swooshing with oils such as coconut oil or sesame can have many benefits. Tongue scraping with a stainless steal or copper scraper will help remove grime left over from your day.

Personally, I have removed mouth wash from my oral hygiene routine, instead have substituted with oils and scraping

Bringing these habits into your daily routine is simple. Brush, scrape, floss and swoosh. Scraping back to front of the tongue roughly 10 times gently & 5-20 minutes of oil pulling not only can remove built up bacteria in the mouth but can aid in teeth strength & whiting.

Teeth & Health

Having a healthy gum line not only gives you confidence, it is correlated to overall health.

Think about it like this, if you have a decaying tooth.. that bacteria seeps into your body. It's toxic and just uncomfortable. It's become a norm to brush with fluoride filled toothpaste and swoosh with mouth wash filled with ingredients that shouldn't be known to the body. Taking a holistic approach and knowing what we expose our bodies to makes all the difference.

Techniques like scraping & pulling have been used for thousands of years to help prevent early decay. I hope you find this topic helpful!

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