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DIY Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Tips

Have you taken a moment to consider all the harmful chemicals lingering around your home? We need ways to clean & make our spaces sanitary but mainstream products include ingredients that target your hormones. From counter cleaners, bathroom cleaners, "smell good" air fresheners... We have become conditioned to believe this will solve our homestead cleaning problems. Luckily taking it back to simpler formulas, we can not only begin to make our own home products but for the fraction of the cost!

I've started utilizing my orange peels, adding them into mason jars until full then top the jar off with distilled white vinegar. I will let the sealed jar set for about 3-4 weeks before using as my All Purpose Cleaner. Recommend buying a spray bottle and doing a ratio 1:1 of solution & water.

A simple trick to clean smelly surfaces like the fridge or countertop is to just use baking soda and water. Cleaning products don't need to be made complicated especially if they get the job done right.

For heavier grime use ingredients like lemon and borax. Dip the lemon in some borax powder and scrub away tough spots on the tub and toilet.

For window or mirror cleaning try using newspaper and diluted vinegar.

Simple yet effect.. PLUS knowing the ingredients you are coming in contact with are not harmful to you or those stepping in your home is a peace of mind. Be on the lookout from harmful ingredients on your household products such as....

phthalates which can be just labeled as "fragrance"





PEG 50


Air Fresheners - Instead go for essential oils

1, 4-Dioxane

Diethanolamine (DEA)

Triethanolamine (TEA)

Sodium laureth sulfate

If you don't know or understand what the ingredient is then look it up! Ingredients should be made simple so be wary if the ingredient list in overwhelmed with add-ins. Be cautious and truly begin to understand what you are subjecting yourself to but know there are always better options available.

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