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Unleashing the Power of Ashwagandha – The King of All Adaptogens

This root adaptogen works on a physical & psychological level. Common scenarios I hear from clients is that they are experiencing high anxiety, have bouts of depression or just feel restless in general. Mental health should always be top priority when it comes to our well being, luckily there are organic herbs that can help!

Ashwagandha is said to have a grounding effect on the body & mind. It helps to manage stress, which causes the nervous system to go into fight or flight mode. The more the body can be in rest & relax mode the better its performance on a mental or physical level.

This is a herb that should have rest periods. For example after 6-8 weeks take a break from using the herb for it's not meant to be used every single day. It is stimulating for the body which is why it's best to take breaks.

There are many ways you can begin incorporating ashwahgandha into your day. Taking by capsule form, tincture or dashing some powder into warm water or tea. A common preparation of this herb is to combine with warm water, ghee and some honey.

Here is a great resource for buying bulk herbs like Ashwagandha follow the link & just search for this adaptive herb!!

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