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Unlocking the Power of Fungi: 7 Advantages of Drinking Mushroom Coffee

Updated: Jan 11

  1. New Neural Networks - Brain cell growth is stimulated by compounds like hericenone and erinacine. Nerve regenerating mushrooms like, Lion's Mane are common in the mushroom coffee industry.

  2. Adaptogens - By modulating the nervous system, our bodies are more equipped to handle high-stress situations. When we consume compounds that help balance hormones, it makes for one happy individual

  3. Skin Health - Can not hear this enough, what's on the inside shows on the outside. Lion's Mane is known for treated leaky gut & regulating the nervous system. Your skin will glow for it!

  4. Energy Producer - By increasing cellular energy, certain species of mushrooms like, cordyceps are shown, to help with chronic fatigue.

  5. Taste Is Unmatched (personal opinion) - Opinion based, but I just love the taste of mushroom coffee compared to your typical drive through options. Throw a dash or almond milk & honey with Four Sigmatics Lion's Mane 'Think' blend and enjoy!

  6. Immunity Booster - When it comes to mushrooms, learn about beta-glucans. These helps sooth the immune system.

  7. Stimulate Healthier Gut - some mushroom can aid in the digestive process, combating leak gut with high levels of antioxidants.

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