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Yoga Poses That Promote Better Digestion

Incorporating a yoga practice into your daily life can have many benefits.

Regulating stress more efficiently

Increase mobility & injury prevention

Drop you into a hypnotic state

Teach you to BREATHE

Move & Release static energy within the body


To promote better digestion target abdominal organs & twisting through asanas to combat bloating, gas and constipation. When the body is stagnate & weighed down by toxins this can bring a lack of energy and fatigue.

It's important to link the breath with each movement. Bring your attention the the breath with deep inhales & slow exhales. Allow the lunges to fill then empty while shifting into the yoga pose OR while holding the movement.

Here are just a few that are simple & easy to start with


Place your hands directly under your shoulder and knees under the hips. Inhale as your belly drops peeling the shoulders down and away from the ears. Fully Exhale as you round, pushing away from the floor, tucking the tail bone. Take a minute to feel into this movement.


Keep knees stacked upon one another. Great pose to relax deeper into with each breath. No need to force this twist. Focus on finding length within the spine from head to tail bone. With each exhale release further into the pose. Repeat on other side


Place feet firmly on floor close to your sit bones. Lift hips towards the sky and hold for a few seconds. Take in a few deep breaths here. When releasing drop one vertebrae at a time from head first to tail bone before beginning again. You can lift on the toes if you wish while performing the same movement.


Keep your spine as tall and straight as possible. Using your opposite hand or elbow to leverage the twist while keeping other arm as a stabilizer on the floor. Hold pose and take in a few good Deep Breathes here. Repeat other direction as well.

Just remember these are movements NOT to be rushed, rather to be felt into. Linking your breath will have great impact. Enjoy!

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