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Program Design & Why You’re Not Reaching Goals

Everyday we are bombarded with advice on how to gain muscle & lose body fat. How do we begin to program our training that actually works?

There are many variables to consider.. How many days a week you plan to train.. What exercises.. How many sets & reps based on the direct Goal you are trying to reach.. Etc

First off, it’s important to get clear on what you’re trying to achieve. Through my own experience I have found the most effective training style begins with a plan; a consistent one at that!

Showing up for an intense workout at random may get you a sweat in but if you expect to lose body fat% while gain mass in the legs & booty or tone your arms and back don’t expect to see the results you’re desiring. Progressive overload is your friend.

You want to challenge your body by putting on the right kind of stressors. Learn your compound movements & bring dynamic exercises into the mix.

A solid program design is no match for a unbalanced diet. Another reason you won’t reach your goals is the lack of nutritional value. Your muscles need to rebuild. You Need fuel! Make sure you are hydrating often with water, tea, bone broth for examples. Find a clean plant based protein source. And bring the rainbow to your kitchen. More greens.. More life in your foods. Avoid processed sugar as much as possible.. Let’s Face It.. Run far from processed lifeless foods that give you nothing but a short lived satisfaction before quickly realizing you’re still hungry.

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