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Spring Cleanse 2023

This 14 Day Cleanse is designed to use alkaline foods, herbs, oil, breath work, yoga & meditation to reset the mind&body. Results make for a powerful digestive & circadian rhythm reset.  I will guide you into understanding how toxicity builds up in the mind-body in the first place in order for you to continue making impact choices for your health.


Benefits of a total body cleanse

  • Weight Balance

  • More Energy

  • Mood Stability

  • Better Sleep

  • More Immune Resiliency

Online Support Package Includes

  • Online Breath work & Yoga

  • Daily Emails: to help you plan & focus for the next 14 days

  • Recipes & Herbs

  • Self Care Practices PDF: Instructions for daily Ayurveda Practices for oil massage, oil pulling, dry brushing & tongue scraping

  • Self Inquiry Prompts: to journal & dive deeper into your emotional health

  • A 1-on-1 video call with me to answer any questions & probe into your personal health & wellness goals for 2023

Cleanse begins March 20th-April 3rd

A one time fee of $100

Active members discount of 50%

Chia Pudding

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